Oral Histories

Since 2002, the Center for the History of Medicine has interviewed members of the faculty, often retired or emeritus, in order to preserve their institutional knowledge of the Medical School, Health System and, more generally, the University. Typed transcripts, compact discs or audiocassettes, curriculum vitae and, in some cases, subject indexes are on file at the University of Michigan’s Bentley Historical Library. To date, the collection includes interviews with:

  • Gerald Abrams
  • Robert Bartlett
  • David F. Bohr
  • Giles Bole
  • Frances Bull
  • A. Kent Christensen
  • Horace W. Davenport
  • George Dean
  • David Dickinson
  • Stefan Fajans
  • Thomas D. Gelehrter
  • John W. Henderson
  • William N. Hubbard
  • Richard D. Judge
  • Philip Margolis
  • George W. Morley
  • Fred Neidhardt
  • Margaret R. Punch
  • Herbert Sloan
  • Henry Swain
  • Jeremiah Turcotte

Details can be found in the collection’s finding aid at the Bentley Historical Library.