1. Dr. Markel on the COVID-19 Outbreak and the Use of Social Distancing Measures

    February 18, 2020

    With the global spread of Covid-19 cases and the increased implementation of various quarantines and other non-pharmaceutical interventions, Dr. Markel has been called upon by numerous media outlets to provide historical context for such public health measures.  Here is a list of his recent print interviews, op-eds, and television appearances.

    Washington Post: “How Bad will the Coronavirus Outbreak get in the US?”

    Wired: “With Covid-19, Tech is Making History Repeat Itself”

    WBUR in Boston: “Will Mass Quarantines Slow the Spread of Coronavirus”

    Washington Post: “Schools Close over Coronavirus Threat Raising Concerns about Disruption”

    Bloomburg.com: “States, Cities Jump in with Virus Decrees as U.S. Holds Off”

    Washington Post: “Is it Racist to Call Coronavirus the ‘Wuhan Virus’?  GOP Congressman’s Self-quarantine Tweet Sparks a Debate”

    Hartford Courant: “Canceled Events and School Closings Increase in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak, Drastic Measures under Consideration”

    Wall Street Journal: “Social Distancing Is New Coronavirus Buzz Phrase. Does It Work?”

    New York Times: “Will the Largest Quarantine in History Just Make Things Worse?”, by Dr. Howard Markel

    Research Blaze: “Scientists are nonetheless on the lookout for a reputation for the radical coronavirus that began in Wuhan”

    New York Times: “Should You Be Worried About the Coronavirus?”

    Los Angeles Times: “How Prepared is the U.S. Health System for a Major Coronavirus Outbreak?”

    CNBC.com: “For Trump Administration, Coronavirus Quarantine Presents a Fine Balancing Act”

    Vestnik Kavkaza: “Coronavirus: Is Quarantine Useless?”

    Vox: “What China’s Quarantine to Stop the Wuhan Coronavirus Looks Like”

    Michigan Radio Stateside: “Stateside: History of Quarantine”

    Kaiser Heath News: “China’s ‘Mother of all Quarantines’ to Contain Escalating Coronavirus Outbreak Could Actually Backfire, Experts Warn”

    WAMU.org: “A History of Quarantines, From Bubonic Plague to Typhoid Mary”

    Kaiser Health News: “Viewpoints: U.S. Hospitals’ Sloppy Infection Control Practices Leave Country Vulnerable to Outbreaks”

    Deseret News: “Accusations, Warning and Fear – National Opinion on the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak”

    Yahoo.com: “How Worried Should We Be about the Coronavirus?”

    CBC News: “China’s Coronavirus Quarantine Like Using an ‘Atomic Bomb’ to Deal with Outbreak, Expert Says”

    CNN.com: “China’s Unprecedented Quarantines Could Have Wider Consequences, Experts Say”

    PBS News Hour: “With Growing Coronavirus Outbreak, Is China’s Massive Quarantine the Right Response?”

    Newswise.com: “As Chinese Celebrate Lunar New Years Eve and Coronavirus Continues to Spread, Umich Experts Available to Discuss Health, Economy, Engineering Implications”

    AJMC: “China Quarantines Wuhan”

    MSN.com: “Here’s How the Unprecedented Quarantine of One of China’s Largest Cities Could Play Out”

    Outbreak News Today: “2019-nCoV: Wuhan Shut Down, Not a Public Health Emergency of International Concern”

    EDM Digest: “Wuhan Cancels All Transportation as Virus Deaths Hit 17”

    CGTN: “Society Cannot Factionalize As It Fights the Coronavirus”

    New York Times: “Scale of China’s Wuhan Shutdown Is Believed to Be Without Precedent”

    Washington Post: Why We Should be Skeptical of China’s Coronavirus Quarantine”