1. Dr. Markel’s Latest Media Appearances

    April 6, 2020

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, Dr. Markel has been increasingly called on by media outlets to provide some historical perspective on epidemics and how societies react to them.  Below are  links to the latest news stories:

    Christian Science Monitor: “COVID-19 models vary widely.  What that means for leaders under pressure”

    NBC News: “Coronavirus Mask Guidance Remains Unclear.  Here’s How History Can Help”

    BuzzFeed News: “Social Distancing Might Stop.  And Start.  And Stop.  And Start.  Until We Have a Vaccine”

    New York Times: “Cities That Went All In on Social Distancing in 1918 Emerged Stronger For It”

    New Yorker: “A Medical Historian on Why We Must Stay the Course in Fighting the Coronavirus”

    WDET: “Pandemic History 101: What Was the ‘Spanish’ Flu?”

    New York Times: “Coronavirus Sweeps through Detroit, a City that Has Seen Crisis Before”

    New England Public Radio: “Gov. Baker Wants You to Stay at Home. He Just Won’t Order You To”

    Washington Post: Coronavirus Modelers Factor in a New Public Health Risk: Accusations Their Work Is a Hoax

    Bloomberg: “Chaos Brews in U.S. with Jumble of Conflicting Emergency Decrees”

    Time: “Professors Are Crowdsourcing a #CoronavirusSyllabus. Here’s the History They Think Should Be Used to Teach This Moment”

    Christian Science Monitor: “As Jobless Numbers Spike, A Question Rises: When Can Economy Reopen?”

    Michigan Radio Stateside: “What ‘Stay-at-Home’ Means”

    Michigan Radio: “What Does ‘Flatten the Curve’ Mean? We Asked the UM Medical Historian Who Helped Coin the Term”

    LGBTQ Nation: “Togetherness Will Get Us through the Coronavirus Pandemic”

    TheHour.com: “Presidents in Health Crises: Trump More Hands-on Than Many”

    Ann Arbor Observer: “Shutdown: ‘This has not been done since 1918,’ Says Quarantine Expert Howard Markel”

    Vox: “5 Lessons on Social Distancing from the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic”

    Oregon Public Broadcasting: “Public Health Experts Decry Trump’s Suggestion Shutdowns Could Soon Ease”