1. Dr. Markel’s latest media appearances

    April 22, 2020

    The New Yorker“How the Protests Have Changed the Pandemic”

    Tampa Bay News 10: “Is Florida flattening the curve? Here’s how to read the charts”

    Associated Press: “Experts worry CDC is sidelined in coronavirus response”

    Forward: “Pandemics have always incited anti-Semitism. Here’s the history you need to know”

    Philadelphia ABC 6 News: “US coronavirus toll passes 60,000, Trump’s suggested total death count”

    BBC News: “The Virus Hunters”

    U.S. News & World Report: “Grim Count: US Virus Toll Passes Trump’s 60,000 Marker”

    The Arapahoe Pinnacle: “Modifying Language Use in the Healthcare System”

    The Hill: “How coronavirus might reshape society”

    JAMA: “Twentieth-Century Lessons for a Modern Coronavirus Pandemic”

    WEMU: “UM Dr. Who Coined Term ‘Flatten the Curve’ Says It’s Difficult to Predict Current Pandemic Pattern”

    The Hill: “How Coronavirus might reshape society”

    Associated Press: “Grim count: US virus toll passes Trump’s 60,000 marker”

    New York Times: “The untold story of the birth of social distancing”

    Channel 4 Detroit: “Could longer coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown actually be better for Michigan’s economy in long run?”

    Herald-Mail Media: “‘Live Free or Die:’ Protesters march against California stay-at-home rules in Huntington Beach”

    Truth or Fiction: “Meme comparing ‘flattening the curve’ of COVID-19 to deploying a parachute goes viral”

    Michigan Radio Stateside: “GOP pushback on extended stay at home order; social distancing and domestic violence”

    Genetic Literacy Project: “Lessons learned from the past: Why rushing a coronavirus vaccine could be dangerous”

    CNBC: “As the coronavirus takes hold in Detroit, pandemic magnifies city’s poverty, racial disparities”

    The Independent: “Coronavirus: Cities with stronger distancing measures recovered faster after Spanish Flu”

    Los Angeles Times: “California won’t be lifting coronavirus stay-at-home rules anytime soon.  Here’s why”

    RealClearPolitics: “Tucker Carlson: Possible that doctors are classifying conventional pneumonia deaths as COVID”

    Newsday: “History has warnings about how to return to normal after a pandemic”