1. Dr. Markel Speaks to the Media about Community Mitigation Strategies

    March 23, 2020

    As cases of Covid-19 continue to increase across the United States and the world, the U-M Center for the History of Medicine has been asked to provide historical context for the various social distancing and community mitigation strategies that have been implemented.  Below is a list of new stories featuring the Center’s Director, Dr. Howard Markel.

    Detroit Free Press: “Panic, Disruptions and Lives on Hold: When Is the Crisis Going to End?”

    The Hill: “Doctor behind ‘Flatten the Curve’ Urges Bipartisan Response to Outbreak”

    Common Dreams: “NIH Director Says ‘Drastic’ Measures Like California Lockdown Are Needed to Stop Coronavirus Spread”

    Los Angeles Times: “Ethical Dilemmas in the Age of Coronavirus: Whose Lives Should We Save?”

    Williams-Grand Canyon News: “Flattening the Curve: What Does it Ean and How can You Help?”

    Lancaster Online: “Many Schools Have Closed – But Not All.  What Parents Need to Know about That Tough Call”

    Boise State Public Radio: “Caller Blasts Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s Response to Coronavirus during Town Hall”

    Huron Daily Tribune: “Looking Back through the Past, How Does Coronavirus Compare?”

    The Telegraph India: “India’s Covid-19 Worry: Too Few Are Being Tested”

    Michigan Daily: “Faculty Address Coronavirus Concerns: ‘There Is No Playbook for This'”

    Nature: “What China’s Coronavirus Response Can Teach the Rest of the World”

    WBUR: “Polio Epidemic Offers Guidance for Getting through COVID-19”

    Boston Globe: “100 Years Ago, Another Epidemic Terrorized the City”

    New York Times: “Can You Be Forced into Quarantine? Your Questions, Answered”

    MLive: “Is Michigan Overreacting to Coronavirus Concerns or Protecting Public Health?”

    ChartAttack: “China Clamped Down open Corona Virus “Patient Zero” as the Death Toll Rises”